3x3  ® is an indie TV series including film series, video games, a visual novel (navigation) dedicated for a 3x3 immersive experience! Paris 29 December 1999

Paris 29 december 1999 
We discover a young man lying in a hospital bed. Because of his amnesia, the doctors decide to name him Mathieu.

 Based on their prognosis, he still has three days left to live. Mathieu determines to live his last three days by escaping the hospital. He would like to enjoy life one last time. He enters the magical Paris celebrating the new millennium. But an anxiety is spreading: the fear of the Y2K bug, the fear that all the systems will stop and that time might not be taken into account any more. Most of all, every machines will reset ...

3x3  ® the immersive fiction  ®1999-2069
3x3 ® is an interactive adventure game in 2d cartoon style mixed with narrative and movie sequences. The gameplay dynamic is close from an escape game. An episodic format of nine chapters is planned for the first part of the story call prologue connected with mini TV series from 3x3 whole universe

3x3  ® the adventure game 

3x3  ® the mobile game 

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