"All rights to the brand "3x3" and "3x3 the immersive fiction" are registered with the SACD (Society of Audiovisual Authors) and INPI (National Institute of Industrial Property) as an original multimedia work authored by Daniel Ostrio. Any unauthorized use of the brand or any derivative works, including but not limited to musical compositions, films, video games, and physical reproductions, is strictly prohibited and will be subject to legal action for copyright infringement. All rights to the brand and derivative works are exclusively reserved for Daniel Ostrio and protected under national and international copyright law. Treecircle Media Worldwide, including its affiliates and trusts, and 3x3.zero, has been granted a limited, time-bound license for authorized distribution of the brand, with the permission of Daniel Ostrio. Any use of the brand, characters, images, and concepts must be approved by the legal representative of Daniel Ostrio and may only be used under a license agreement."
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